Pain from Forward Head Posture

Forward Head Posture , also known as FHP, is a condition that occurs as your head moves forward of the center of the shoulder and as a result, your center of gravity shifts. All the shifting causes changes in the biomechanics of your body. As your head continues to move forward and your gravity shifts, your body is put through a great deal of stress creating a myriad of painful symptoms in the neck, head, shoulder and back. Unfortunately, FHP is commonly under-diagnosed and it is estimated that up to 90% of society suffers from Forward Head Posture Syndrome.

Common Health Conditions Associated with Forward Head Posture

Forward head posture is an all too common problem stemming from various activities such as cell phone, TV and computer viewing as well as injuries from car crashes and sports. The following is just a few of the common conditions that can be associated with FHP:

Forward Head Posture Chiropractic Treatment Saratoga Springs

  • Tempero-mandibular join (TMJ) dysfunction
  • Insomnia or poor sleep
  • Chronic aching
  • Numbness or tingling in the arms and/or hands
  • Plus much more

Forward Head Posture Is a Correctible Condition

The good news is that forward head posture can be corrected through safe and effective treatment options such as chiropractic care, rehab exercises and massage therapy. At Kemp Chiropractic, we commonly treat forward head posture and provide our clients with invaluable instructions and guidance on how to prevent Forward Head Posture Syndrome from developing. Call today for more information about FHP or to schedule your Saratoga Spring chiropractic treatment.