About Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Failed back surgery syndrome is a generalized term used to describe the back or leg pain that starts or persists after one or multiple spine surgeries, also known as back surgeries. Pain may persist because the spine surgery did not resolve the back pain it was designed to correct or it may stem from the spine surgery itself.

Post-Surgical Back Pain

Many patients still experience leg and back pain after spine surgery. Failed back surgery syndrome, also known as failed fusion syndrome, is characterized by unmanageable pain and/or an inability to return to normal activities. In many cases, back surgery is able to fix the condition but may not eliminate the leg or back pain.

Saratoga Springs Chiropractic Treatment for Failed Back Surgery

Failed back surgery is an all too common condition that we treat at our Saratoga Springs chiropractic care center. Dr. Kemp will help you address the source of your pain without subjecting you to prescription medications or unproductive and invasive surgeries. Contact Kemp Chiropractic in Saratoga Springs today to schedule your free initial failed back surgery pain evaluation.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Treatment Lehi