Auto Accident

  • Auto Accident

Auto Accident

The Truth about your auto accident! If you have been in an accident, major or minor, and you are experiencing pain, including: neck, back, headaches, ect., you have the right to receive treatment. In Utah, if you have auto insurance, you have PIP (Personal Injury Protection). This means that you have coverage for medical/chiropractic care without anyCar Accident Spine Injury Utah out of pocket expense to you. Utah is a no fault state. If you were at fault or not, you can use your PIP. Even if your accident was 6-12 months ago, if you are still in pain and suffering from the accident, you can still use your PIP.

Here's what you need to know about using PIP:

  • Your auto premiums will NOT increase
  • You will have NO out of pocket expense.
  • We do ALL insurance billing and paperwork

Here's what you need to Do:

  • Call your Utah County chiropractor and make an appointment
  • Bring your insurance card and claim number
  • Get the care, from Kemp Chiropractic, that will make a difference
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